Life Insurance Sales Consultant

As the roller coaster of market uncertainty continues, many clients are unsure of what to do. One area that seems to be increasingly inviting is the area of indexes – especially those within a life insurance policy. The client has the ability for some growth based on market gains, but also has the safety of a floor, protecting them from market downturns.  Adding a fully guaranteed death benefit to the policy allows the client to cover the insurance need while simultaneously having the ability to safely grow cash. The primary purpose of life insurance is not strictly cash value growth, but the cash value can be a very welcome added benefit.

One popular index within these indexed life insurance policies is the S&P 500. As of the close of trading on Friday 5/22/20, only 92 stocks in this index were “up” YTD.  This means that the vast majority (82%) were “down” for the year, with potential opportunity to increase.  From its low point on 3/23/20, the S&P 500 has gained +32.6% (total return) through Friday 5/22/20. (source: BTN Research)      

What this points to is the opportunity for clients to buy in now to take advantage of these indexes being at their lowest point in years. Buying into an index provides the ability to enjoy the potential increases without worrying about losing more if the market sees a downturn. Give the experts at Wholehan Marketing a call to discuss how buying into indexed life insurance now might be a good fit for your clients!