Marketing & Sales Support

Licensed Representatives from our annuity, life and LTC teams combine for over 30 years in the industry!

We are here to support you with a comprehensive approach to case design and product solutions for your clients. We pride ourselves on being truly independent; offering you solutions that address your current clients’ needs and concerns.

More importantly, we are committed to continuously looking for new strategies and ideas that can help put you in front of new clients so that your business continues to grow!

Marketing Support Staff & Product Materials Assistance

We provide up to date product guidance and information in an ever-changing market place. We keep you informed of changes in the industry, and always make sure you have the materials you need to make the sale.

Sales Training & Consumer Presentations

The marketing team at Wholehan is committed to keeping you up on the trends of the industry through various forms of training and information for you and your clients: One on One sales training, group presentations, lunch and learns, CE seminars and client approved presentations; we are committed to keeping you in the know!

Licensed & On-Site Sales

We know that you are only as credible as the information you receive. At Wholehan, you can trust that the sales staff that you are working with are trained and licensed members of the financial community. We not only provide product recommendations, but an overall analysis of the entire portfolio so that you are receiving the best assistance, advice and solution to meet your clients’ needs. We are always available to assist you with a sale!

Gain Access To Our Online Tools

When you signup for our online tools, you will have 24 hour access to a wealth of tools to simplify your business. You will have access to tools such as:

  • Annuity Rates
  • Life Quotes
  • Underwriting & Prescreening Tools
  • Product Training Links & Licensing Info
  • Up-to-date Forms & Application