Life Insurance Brokerage Services

We believe that Life Insurance is the foundation of your clients’ financial security, and should be an integral part of the solutions you are offering in your practice

Long Term Care Brokerage Services

27 million Americans are expected to need some form of long term care over the next 30 years. Long Term Care Insurance is the critical protection that you can provide

Annuity Brokerage Services

Wholehan Marketing represents the largest annuity carriers in the industry providing you with the best fixed, and fixed index annuities in the industry.

Disability Brokerage Services

Most of your clients don’t realize how important disability coverage is until after they are too sick or injured to return to work.

Advanced Markets Brokerage Services

Sometimes certain clients need more creative solutions. Our Advanced Market team has years of expertise working with these types of cases and offer the best solutions to maintain an impressive portfolio.

Marketing & Sales Expertise

Our Sales and Marketing Staff are here to support you with the options, knowledge, tools and strategies that you need to be successful.

New Business Support

Our staff is here to assist you in making sure your business is processed and paid in the most effective, timely manner possible!

Licensing & Required Training

Get appointed with us TODAY! Stay current on NAIC and Carrier Training Guidelines, it’s all just one click away!

Seminars & Sales Training

Take advantage of our CE seminars and training sessions which give you the tools you need to present the most relevant options to your clients!

Wholehan Marketing

Wholehan Marketing is a family-owned insurance field marketing organization that offers a consultative approach to case design, product solutions, underwriting and suitability guidance to support our advisor clients nationwide. Since 1987, Wholehan Marketing has grown into one of the most well respected independently-owned brokerage agencies– serving insurance agents, financial advisors, and registered representatives all in an effort to help grow their business. With our knowledge, attention to detail, and our relationships with more than 80 insurance carriers, Wholehan Marketing provides support to take your business to the next level!

Praise From Our Partnering Agents


Ann Newman
Generations Insurance Group

"I can honestly say, in  doing this for 10 years I have never received service like Wholehan provides, ever!"


Jennifer, Ohio

"The knowledge, service and timeliness of Wholehan is top notch compared to what we have experienced over the last year."


Jean Garner, Texas

"I am confident that if there is ever an issue, your office will do everything in your power to get my cases issued."


Lisa Block
Everhart Advisors

"The Wholehan team does such a great job. I could not ask for better. Thanks for a great partnership!"