Chris Wholehan, President – Wholehan Marketing

As you may have seen from our social media posts, the Wholehan Marketing team is counting down the days of this holiday season by performing Random Acts of Compassion and Kindness (RACK’s) each day.  These RACK’s are a great way to show others that we care about them, we like to “pay it forward”, and it makes us feel good inside that we’ve done something nice for others.

As we get closer to the end of the year, another great RACK that is not-so-random is to make sure your clients’ financial plans are in order.  Set up annual reviews with them to make sure all of their goals are on track.  Review their life insurance coverage, update the amount, type of coverage, and/or beneficiary if necessary.  Is there a conversion of term insurance that makes sense?  Review their investments – are they too risky?  Maybe an annuity can help protect and grow their “safe money.”  Have you had a discussion about Long-Term Care planning to protect the plan itself?  There are many options in the LTCI market to make sure these costs are covered.

In many ways, the work that we do for our clients is an Act of Compassion and Kindness – we provide solutions that place the client in a better financial position for themselves, their immediate loved ones, and for their heirs, “paying it forward” for generations to come.