As we surpass the “official end” to tax season, as advisors we need to remember that tax planning season is never really over as much of our advice throughout the year has to take taxation into account in some way. 

Chris Wholehan, President
Wholehan Marketing
  • RMD’s are back!  Clients have birthday’s throughout the year; how many clients do you have that are turning 72 soon and will need to address RMD’s?
  • Tax Deferral is good planning all year round – how many of your clients can benefit from the tax deferred growth offered in annuity and permanent life insurance products?
  • Tax-Free Income when it’s needed most – make sure your clients have some plan to protect their financial plan with the tax-free income provided by Long-Term Care Insurance and Disability Insurance policies.

These are just a few basic concepts we deal with all year long as we help our clients create and execute their financial plan. 

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