President, Wholehan Marketing

November is Long-Term Care Awareness Month, and as such we are reminding advisors that as much hard work as you put into creating a solid financial / retirement plan for your clients, that you also need to remember to protect that plan by covering the largest threat to that plan – a long-term care event.  That’s really what long-term care insurance is, it’s the protection on the back of a financial plan that keeps the plan intact should your clients need LTC services.  While there are only a few players left in the traditional LTCI marketplace, alternative products have stepped-up to fill the void.  Life Insurance/LTC Hybrid’s and Annuity/LTC Hybrids have been viable alternatives for many years, providing large pools of LTC dollars attached to their “base” product.  Today there are also many life insurance policies with riders that accelerate the death benefit to the client if they need LTC, and annuities with income riders that double the income payment if the client needs LTC.  Take a look at the plans you have developed for your clients and contact the experts at Wholehan Marketing to discuss how we can help you protect those plans with some form of LTC coverage for your clients!