FlexShield 10 single premium fixed index annuity provides opportunities for aggressive accumulation  

Regional VP-South

Every retirement is different, with different financial goals and needs. Still, many of today’s retirees’ objectives are the same, asset protection, growth opportunities, and flexibility. Fixed index annuities offer benefits that help clients reach their retirement goals through guaranteed principal protection, tax deferred growth potential and opportunities for asset accumulation.

The FlexShield 10 from American Equity is the next generation of accumulation-focused index annuities, designed to protect premium from index volatility, while maximizing the potential for growth. FlexShield 10 has three key features

  1. Protect – With the FlexShield 10 fixed index annuity, the premium payment is fully protected throughout the life on the contract, regardless of what happens in the market.
  2. Build – As the performance value increases, the FlexShield 10 gives access to greater upside potential and downside risk of the index-linked performance segments.
  3. Flex – the FlexShield 10 provides options that have never been available in an index annuity before: the flexibility to customize client risk and reward profile each year so that the contract can be tailored to suit the client’s needs. Even if those needs change.  

FlexShield 10 brings a fresh approach to index-linked crediting by using an innovative new strategy that gives contract owners the opportunity to unlock higher upside potential in return for accepting potential negative performance adjustments.

With 100% principal protection, a 20% cap, and a 9% average return, give us a call to see how this innovative new fixed index annuity fits for your next client. 1-800-535-6080.

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