Chris Wholehan

Are any of your clients business owners?  Perhaps they could benefit from a deferred compensation plan using life insurance for tax-deferred growth and tax-free income payments in retirement.  Or perhaps they could benefit from tax-deductible long-term care insurance that provide tax-free payments for extended care needs.

As you have likely heard, the IRS has extended the deadline for having your taxes submitted from the usual April 15 date back to May 17.  While this may be helpful to those needing some extra time to collect their records and visit with their CPA, it also allows for extra planning time with their financial advisor.  Tax season provides the opportunity to have discussions about a variety of financial planning tools that can help clients mitigate taxes and preserve wealth.

Do your clients have non-qualified accounts that could benefit from tax deferral?  Annuities provide tax-deferred growth, lifetime income streams that spread out taxes due, and pass directly to heirs outside of probate, accomplishing multiple tax advantages.

Proper planning can provide your clients tax advantages today and into the future, contact the experts at Wholehan Marketing to see how we can help you implement the right plan for your clients!