Jack Nachtrab Life Insurance Consultant

Last summer, we saw a number of states start the process to implement state mandated LTC similar to what Washington did. As we sit in July 2024, here are some updates on a few states and the possible implications of new bills and legislation being introduced.

California: Has had an LTC Task Force established since 2019, sent the findings and actuarial reports to the governor and state legislation in January 2024. There will likely be more updates/movement moving into 2025.

Connecticut: A bill from February 2024 is awaiting a hearing in the state senate, which will start the process of looking into LTC mandates

Hawaii: House and Senate passed a bill in May 2024 requiring the state to create a comprehensive LTC plan for Hawaiians. The bill is currently pending the governor’s signature.

Kentucky: Passed a resolution in February 2024 to create a task force with the intention of implementing a state LTC program.

Massachusetts: Allocated funds to conduct a study for the viability of a state LTC program in August 2023. More updates expected possibly as early as Fall 2024.

Minnesota: Has had an LTC task force since 2023, thoughts of introducing an amendment to the state constitution have been brought up in sessions.

New York: A bill regarding state LTC bill was just re-introduced in the state assembly in May 2024.

Other states are looking into LTC mandates informally as well, and this will continue to be a conversation among lawmakers. Clients should be pro-actively looking for LTC solutions to avoid the rush and processing delays once some states formally pass legislation.

Give us a call and we’ll help make sure your clients in these states are taken care of when it comes to LTC.