Jack Nachtrab

According to a recent survey, 36% of retirees say they’re unable to spend as freely as expected, and 60% say they travel less than they want to.

Retirement is something everyone looks forward to, but not something everyone plans for. An important part of retirement is having access to cash while maintaining a stable and well-allocated base of assets.

When discussing a life insurance policy to provide a death benefit, it’s also important to have pre-retirement clients look at policies that grow and maintain cash value. Clients who diversify their investments using permanent life insurance will have more flexibility in their retirement cash flow.  Cash can be taken from life insurance during down periods in the market, helping preserve other investments for when markets rebound.  Cash value from life insurance can also generally be withdrawn tax-free, reducing income taxes during retirement.

There are many different types of policies with cash growth, give the experts at Wholehan Marketing a call to discuss which option is the best fit for your clients.