Chris Wholehan

As financial advisors, we provide a lot of advice to help our clients feel safe and secure in their financial/retirement planning.  We cover many topics, directing them on their investment options, insurances, health care, taxes, gifting, and more.  However, one topic of retirement planning often overlooked is covering the need for Long-Term Care services.  The odds of needing these services are high, and the financial cost can be devastating to an otherwise solid plan.  Over the past few decades, traditional Long-Term Care Insurance was the primary tool available to cover this catastrophe.  While there are fewer choices for Traditional LTCI policies today, the marketplace does, however, offer many additional options available to address this coverage need:

  • Options Include:
  • Traditional LTCI Policies
  • Hybrid Life Insurance / LTCI Policies
  • Hybrid Annuity / LTCI Policies
  • Life Insurance policies with Accelerated Death Benefits for LTC Needs
  • Annuities with Income Step-Ups for LTC Needs

While helping our clients develop their financial/retirement plan, we also need to protect the plan by incorporating some form of LTC coverage.  Contact the experts at Wholehan Marketing to determine which type of coverage is right for each of your clients and protect the plan you put in place for them!