Chris Wholehan, President Wholehan Marketing

In case you haven’t heard, the Fixed and Fixed Indexed Annuity market is off to a record start for 2023.  A recently published article by Wink, Inc. reported the first quarter sales of all deferred annuities were up 41.9% over this time period last year, with non-variable annuity sales being up 98.2% over this same time last year.  Multi-year guaranteed annuities lead the growth trend being up 173.4% over last year.  This trend can be attributed to the strong rates of return that can be found in these products today, with fixed rates at or above 5% guaranteed with no risk.  Annuities have long been a great vehicle for the “safe portion” of a clients’ investment portfolio, and with rates like these, clients can rest easy knowing this portion of their portfolio is earning a great return.  Contact the experts at Wholehan Marketing today to learn what annuities do for your clients!