Chris Wholehan, President Wholehan Marketing

Have you Tried E-Apps?  In our post-Covid environment, we are realizing the adaptations we have made in our lives as a general response to not being able to interact personally with each other during the Covid pandemic.  One of those adaptations that has surged in our insurance industry is the use of Electronic Applications (E-Apps).  E-App use during the pandemic exploded as the need for new coverage continued, yet it may not have been possible to meet face-to-face with clients to fill out the typical paper applications.  In our post-Covid environment, we have realized the additional benefit of using E-Apps to increase the efficiency and profitability of each transaction.  E-Apps. allow us to shorten / streamline the sales process as they eliminate the need for 30-40+ page paper applications requiring a dozen signatures from the client.  E-Apps are generally easier/faster to fill out, allow the client to E-Sign at their convenience or may eliminate the need for signatures up front, and significantly reduce the number of “NIGO” (Not-in-Good-Order) applications because you generally cannot submit them if there is missing information on app.  Wholehan Marketing has incorporated robust E-App platforms for both Life Insurance and Annuity applications to help our reps make their sales more efficient and profitable.  Give us a call today and let us help you use and E-App on your next sale and experience how easy E-Apps can be!