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Tis the Season to Review

Use this time during the fall holiday season to identify what your clients’ needs are in terms of life insurance coverage and finding the best policy for the upcoming new year. Now is a good time to dive in and get a deeper understanding of any changes that may have taken place in the clients lives, such as money-in and money-out from the year before. Did you meet your financial goals? Did you take on new debt? Did you experience a life change like a new home or new baby? Lastly, but certainly not least, would your family be financially stable if something were to happen to you?

Some clients may be wanting a less pricey option, for a specific number of years; or they just need assistance converting their current term policy into a permanent policy should they need to extend that protection into the future.

Although term policies are suitable for some people, others may be looking for a permanent life insurance policy that covers your clients for the rest of their life and pays out regardless of when they die. These forms of policies may include a cash value component that they can withdraw from or borrow against while they are still alive. This type of coverage is the perfect insurance solution for anyone concerned about eliminating debt while saving for retirement. A debt free life is a great way to help your clients have more to be grateful for this season.

“2024” is right around the corner! New year means new life insurance opportunities.

Scheduling a personal insurance review for some one-on-one time with your clients will help you take care of all of the updates at once. A periodic review will keep you up-to-date with their needs and life changes. When you show your commitment, your clients will notice and be thankful.

At Wholehan Marketing, we make the process of buying life insurance for your clients easy. We’ll help you compare life insurance policy quotes, navigate the application process, and answer any questions you might have about life insurance options.

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