With the markets seeing multiple historic losses in just a few days, is it time to move a portion of your client’s funds to a safer position?  Clients need stability and guarantees in their portfolio to provide an income stream they know they can rely on.  Recent fluctuations in the market have made many people aware that they should not be fully invested with their portfolio.  Additionally, some of your clients also still have money in CD’s or other “cash” positions.  Now is the time to have them move a portion of their assets into a Fixed Indexed Annuity.  With markets being down, indexed buy-in positions are also at a low point, meaning there is up-side growth potential in these products as the market recovers.  Additionally, gains are locked in annually, shielding clients from further market corrections.  Coupling the up-side growth with the guarantees against loss and potential addition of optional income riders with Fixed Indexed Annuities provides the stability your clients need in these uncertain times. Give the experts at Wholehan Marketing a call to discuss how to help your clients get off the Roller Coaster and stabilize their portfolio.